General information: Medical rehabilitation in Spain.

More and more patients do not want to be any longer on a waiting list in the Netherlands, Belgium or elsewhere and prefer a treatment abroad. Medical surgery in a foreign hospital or rehabilitation centre is being covered nowadays by Dutch insurance companies. Hospital Clínica Benidorm (HCB) and rehabilitation centre MedifitReha constructed a medical air-lift to offer medical treatment for Dutch, Belgium and patients with other nationalities. You are also welcome as an ex-pat already staying in Spain.

Thanks to the new European laws for care it has become an option for patients to choose themselves in which country of the European Union they wish to be treated, provided that the quality is equal or better than in the Netherlands. Our organisation complies with those two demands and thus we can offer you our services based upon the European Care Laws, without any waiting list.


You have complaints and you need rehabilitation. First you need a letter from our rehabilitation doctor. In the letter is indicated which rehabilitation regime is recommended for your personal situation and whether this should be performed in a day- hospital or in a general hospital. This recommendation can be written by our rehabilitation doctor or one in your own country.

Smiling family doctor with stethoscope.


Your medical insurance covers the costs of medical care abroad.

We have agreements with almost all the Dutch medical insurances about treatments in our rehabilitation centre in Spain. When your insurance company covers your medical costs in the Netherlands or in your own country, then it is probably the case for Spain as well. In case of Dutch insurance companies, the costs will be covered from the basic package.

We have a contract with most Dutch insurance companies that allow us to start with a rehabilitation regime. However, we do need permission from other insurance companies. We will approach them, with your consent, and we will present an application. Usually there is a response within 10 working days provided that the rehabilitation doctor gave an adequate indication.


We take care of the following:

  • permission from your insurance company
  • transport and transfer to and from the airport and the rehabilitation centre
  • from personal assistance till the financial arrangements


You fly to Alicante. Upon arrival you will be met by one of our team who will take you to our rehabilitation centre. Rehabilitation Centre MedifitReha is about a one hour’s drive from the airport. On the day of your return we will drive you back to Alicante airport.

We will personally assist you until your admission and one of our team will help you settle in our rehabilitation centre.

The centre is situated in the most beautiful coastal town of the Costa Blanca: ‘Teulada – Moraira’. You will have a cost-free rental car at your disposal during your complete stay to enjoy the beaches, countryside and mountains. Your partner/assistant is welcome to stay with you against a small daily supplement.


The first day of your rehabilitation regime always starts with a consult with our rehabilitation doctor. He will then discuss your options with you and the team of therapists. Usually you start immediately with your program and you will have regular evaluation sessions with yourself, a therapist and the rehabilitation doctor. The goal is always to adapt your regime to what you need at a certain moment.