A typical day at Medifit Retreat

What is being done in one day:

At 8 o’clock in the morning we start of the day with stretching / yoga in group.
At 9 o’clock breakfast is served.
At 10 o’clock a mountain hike or other outdoor activity starts.
At 12.00 you will start a Total Toning Class.
At 13.15 you will have a cooking class with our cook/nutritionist.
At 13.30 it is lunchtime.
At 14.30 we have a break.
At 15.30 we have a circuit training.
At 16.30 we start Water Aerobics.
At 17.30 Educational activity: basic nutrition and why or not to go on a diet.
At 18.30 dinner.

* The programme changes per season.