We are a group of care facilities consisting of the Hospital Clinica Benidorm and the rehabilitation centre MedifitReha in Moraira (Costa Blanca, Spain).

The hospital HCB is known as one of the best private hospitals in the region and in Spain with 80% international patients. Rehabilitation Centre MedifitReha is known as one of the best rehabilitation centres in Europe.

In MedifitReha you will meet with a team of health professionals and medical personnel specialised in rehabilitation science. We have extensive hands-on experience with all kind of treatments of neurological, physical, psychological and cognitive illnesses.

We assist, observe and evaluate the patient in his/her rehabilitation process from the first till the last day of their rehabilitation timeline. Our goal is: to offer the best quality care and efficient rehabilitation attuned to each individual situation. This is accomplished by investing time for each patient. We adapt the rehabilitation plan constantly to what is possible at that moment. This individual and intensive approach makes our concept unique!

The team
The rehabilitation doctor oversees a team of health care professionals. We have weekly multi-disciplinary meetings to evaluate each patient.

The whole group is managed by a Dutch management team and their task is to oversee the administration and paper work. All administerial necessities are being dealt with care so that your concern and concentration can be only directed to your rehabilitation. We are in touch with a range of health insurances all over Europe to agree on direct payment to us so that you don’t have to pay us first.

When you return to your home country, we will give you a medical report in English. And if necessary we will contact your GP or specialist to provide a smooth and clear communication in case you need more treatment.