Training room

The rehabilitation centre has a modern rehabilitation area and up-to-date treatment and exercise rooms.

In addition, the Medifit Reha rehabilitation centre offers various (unique) training facilities, which you can use under the supervision of a therapist. Here you can, for example, exercise on home trainers or bicycles, a treadmill, a rowing machine and various medical training equipment such as special back rehabilitation machinery. Also we have several devices to measure the mobility and strength.

Our swimming pool for hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy / rehabilitation in the water; movement without gravity. When it’s difficult for you to move, you will benefit from exercising in the water. We have to our disposal a practice pool of 12 x 5 meters.

Rehabilitation Practice Path
The rehabilitation exercise pathway is outside on the grounds of our rehabilitation centre. This path has several obstacles from daily traffic, such as a curb and a gravel path so, under the guidance of a therapist, you can practice moving around with a walker, crutches or stick in everyday circumstances.