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How to live with chronic pain

How to live with chronic pain: Rehabilitation and treatment Do you suffer from chronic pain? If your pain causes you problems, rehabilitation is one of the best ways to restore your quality of life. We tell you what this treatment consists of. Chronic pain is a continuous pain that a person suffers in the long term. It can last for months and even years, and often reduces the patient’s quality of life. This pain can be suffered in muscles, bones, tendons and joints. However, this pain can be treated and reduced in specialised clinics. For this, the specialist doctors conduct a detailed investigation to set the most appropriate rehabilitation program for each case. The treatment of chronic pain The pain rehabilitation program is tailored for each patient. At Medifit Reha international rehabilitation centre the patients have doctors, psychologists, therapists, physiotherapists and neurologists at their service, who together determine the objectives to be achieved. In this way, the team develops a carefully coordinated treatment plan that adapts to the patient’s wishes and needs. For this, the severity of the medical condition, the possibilities and the observations of the experts must be taken into account. In Medifit Reha they offer a complete rehabilitation program for chronic pain, being able to hospitalise the patient or provide an outpatient treatment. During treatment, patients achieve these results: * Patients learn to perform their daily activities effectively, living with pain. * They get information about the different aspects of pain, so they can understand better their own feelings and ailments. * They learn to accept what can be done, what cannot be done and how to deal with chronic pain. * Also, they discover how to relax and plan their activities.

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Experience Medifit

On June 7, 2017, my life changed completely. I was struck by a stroke of the brain in my brain stem. After 12 days of hospital I went to rehabilitation in a rehabilitation centre in The Netherlands. Here I was dismissed after 3.5 weeks with the announcement to look for physiotherapy on a psychosomatic (sic) basis. Furthermore, no aftercare, no information about over-excitation. I could hardly walk. Had to find it out for myself! At home the confrontation was tough, and I couldn't cope with the consequences of my injury. I went to a exercise place and was allowed to use the home trainer from time to time. I also looked for ergo therapy and speech therapy myself because my voice got worse and worse. From a hard-working independent woman of only 53 years old, I became a pitiful pile of misery. It's also hard for my family and friends to see. I could not even let the dog out or do groceries independently. I had no strength at all, and problems with balance and dizziness. On the internet I found Medifit in Moraira and thought, I must get out of my situation for a while. Here I don't get any better and there are too many stimuli from outside. That said… I have had 6 weeks of intensive rehabilitation 5 days a week. From fitness, relaxation exercises to conversations with psychologist. Also, a weekly meeting with the rehabilitation doctor. I felt very at ease by these dear caring therapists. I also stayed in a beautiful apartment where I found rest. These 6 weeks have made me a lot stronger and more confident. I can now take a walk with the dog and even go

September 16th was a day to be proud of!

September 16th was a day to be proud of! The motivation, a good conversation and the fantastic guidance. That motivated me to go for it! And we succeeded! September 16th was a day to be proud of! The motivation, a good conversation and the fantastic guidance. That motivated me to go for it! And we succeeded! Yesterday I reached the magical limit of 31.5 kg weight loss... from size 52 to size 42. Rosella was at least as enthusiastic. Toppie! And that without drinks or pills! Just press the button to... and it works. Thank you, Rosella, a real winner and great that you continue to support me!


I was operated in Benidorm on October 26, 2015 via the medical airlift. I was operated here by Dr Campagnard. A very nice and skilful man. He puts you at ease and gives you a good explanation. On Friday October 30th we were taken by ambulance to our aparthotel in Benitachell. It was very nice that this could be lying down because it was not pleasant to sit in a car. When we arrived there, Victoria was already waiting for us. She gave Adrie, my husband a guided tour and explained how everything worked. She has checked my wound and went to the pharmacy for us to get my medicines. Within half an hour the keys of the car, which we got at our disposal, were brought. The weekend we could relax which was very nice. Greetings to everybody at Medifit from Adrie and Corrie Deijkers


After 3 weeks I was at least 6 weeks ahead of the therapy I received a few years ago in the Netherlands for my other new knee. We were excited to go to Spain to get a new knee. In the hospital everything went very well and after a few days I was taken by ambulance to the apartment at the MediFit rehabilitation clinic. The apartment was in one word great and the view breath-taking. The reception, care and the entire rehabilitation package was very professional, and you could see that they have a lot of experience. It does require a lot of effort; the bar is very high, and you have to have a lot of perseverance. The result is that you win a lot of time because of this intensive therapy. After 3 weeks I was at least 6 weeks ahead of the therapy I received a few years ago in the Netherlands for my other new knee. Because my muscles were very weak before the operation I did have a lot of painful muscles and they use very few painkillers (mainly Paracetamol). This makes it easier to indicate where your pain threshold lies. MediFit's approach is recommended for anyone who wants to be mobile again much faster. You can also be focussed on yourself and recovery because you are very much pampered (rental car, shopping list, the laundry that is done, the food, cleaning, TV etc.). All in all, I can say that it was a great success, certainly not a holiday but the best approach for me for a faster recovery! People of MediFit thanks and lots of sweet greetings. Jeannette van der Klooster

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