Back Rehabilitation Clinic

The international MedifitReha Back Clinic is known for its modern and successful rehabilitation programs that are linked to excellent medical care. The rehabilitation program focuses on all neck and back problems, such as: osteoarthritis, arthritis, intervertebral disc problems and instability complaints and whiplash traumas. We specialize in back and neck rehabilitation both postoperatively and rehabilitation to prevent surgery.

The rehabilitation clinic has the most advanced equipment and an experienced team of medical specialists and therapists. In addition, the administrative staff is at your disposal to help you as professionally as possible. You will find all this care under one roof. This includes, among others, medical diagnosis by specialists, X-ray diagnostics, Electrocardiogram and Echo examination, physiotherapy, manual therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and rehabilitation therapy. We offer a complete medical package aimed at healing your back problems.

Of course we ensure that we keep abreast of the most recent developments in the field of health and rehabilitation, so that we can be sure that we can give you the best care and advice. We have an extensive team of certified therapists that is always available to give you the best service.

All physiotherapeutic treatments and rehabilitation programs are provided by the team of professional and customer-friendly therapists. They use the latest techniques, the latest protocols and state-of-the-art equipment.

In close collaboration with the treating specialist and our rehabilitation physician, we put together a treatment plan that aims to achieve as soon a safe and controlled recovery as possible.



What can you expect from us?

The most important aspects in our vision are: we only do what we are good at and measuring is knowing. Innovative, computerized test equipment is used so that we can objectively assess the progression together with you.

Your complaint is our concern and we work together to achieve maximum results and satisfaction.

A rehabilitation program not only focuses on the disease or condition, but also tries to relieve as many symptoms as possible or eliminate them altogether with as long an effect as possible. The aim of the rehabilitation program is to make the patient function as independently as possible in society. The rehabilitation sometimes takes place individually, sometimes in groups.

The rehabilitation protocol is based on the most recent scientific research and is in accordance with the latest international guidelines. We pay a lot of attention to prevention of complaints. That is why you will receive a personal training program from us when you are finished with us, so that you can continue to work on your health in your home situation, at your level.

Our care programs that are ‘State of the Art’ and ‘Evidence Based’ consist of the following components:


Have you recently had a back problem or have you had any complaints for some time? Is your lifestyle negatively influenced by your complaints, at home, at work or during sports? If so, you need help and you should be examined by an expert. Our back rehabilitation program offers both: thorough research and professional treatment. We serve the most up-to-date, most recent techniques and you will see that we are concentrating on your problem.

The back rehabilitation program is a treatment and medical training program developed by us. It combines the latest research results with the latest knowledge. Our approach consists of an extensive intake and regular evaluation, using the most modern measuring and testing equipment. We consider the provision of information and advice on your condition, the course of the complaints and the progression as well as the active participation in the rehabilitation program to be of the utmost importance. You have a back problem and you seek help and advice to deal with this adequately. In addition to our role as coach and advisor, we also encourage you to fight your symptoms in the right way yourself.