Back rehabilitation

Do you have back or neck pain, and are you looking for the best solution, medical care and rehabilitation? Then our back rehabilitation program is the answer!

Our back rehabilitation program has been developed to help people get rid of their back and neck pain as quickly as possible and to make surgery unnecessary. Work on a strong, healthy back with professional guidance in an environment that promotes health, well-being and satisfaction. We combine the well-known ‘DBC Back Rehabilitation Program’ (computerized test for ‘core’ training of the neck and back muscles) with individual therapy sessions; physiotherapy, chiropractic, manual therapy, relaxation therapy, acupuncture, podotherapy and psychotherapy. We are an international team of medical specialists and professional therapists who all work towards the same goal: to make you better as soon as possible.

The Back Rehabilitation Program offers an intensive rehabilitation plan with the possibility to combine this with surgical intervention; of course only if this is necessary.

For Dutch clients: The Back rehabilitation program has been accepted by many insurance companies. This means that the entire procedure, from possible surgery up to rehabilitation, can be reimbursed by your insurer.
The intensive Back Rehabilitation program ensures that our patients can return to their daily activities as soon as possible.

Ultra Modern Rehabilitation method

In our treatment we use the latest rehabilitation techniques, treatment methods and the latest equipment. Our method has proved to be effective for the treatment of back and neck complaints, resulting in a pain-free return to normal daily life. Many patients have experienced that our treatment method gives excellent results.