Back pain is one of the most common problems in Western societies. This causes more financial losses for companies and insurance systems than any other disease except for colds. According to worldwide research, 80% of the people have had back pain once or several times in their lives.

The ‘David Back Rehabilitation Concept’ has developed into one of the most prominent treatments in the area of the spine. It is based on medical training therapy. Germany is one of the largest players in the world in this field. The pioneering David Research Center has become the most important center in the field of back training in the world. It has more than 300 clinics in Germany and other Northern European countries.


The ‘David Back Rehabilitation Concept’ is based on medical and technical knowledge that has led to successful treatment of problems in the spine during decades of development together with the use of equipment for rehabilitation. Thanks to the David philosophy ‘Movement is Medicine’ hundreds of thousands of people in different countries have been treated and cured of back pain caused by weakened back muscles. The ‘David Back Rehabilitation Concept’ is based on training the main muscles of the body with the help of special rehabilitation machines. Thanks to this equipment, it is easy to train and measure the core musculature of the back.

It should be noted that even a ‘healthy’ person must strive to keep these muscles in shape. Normal fitness training does not guarantee that the right muscles that support and stabilize the back are trained. In the common back exercises usually the buttocks responsible for hip stretching are trained. Poorly performed abdominal exercises can even worsen the lower back. People who do a lot of fitness training tend to have relatively stronger abdominal muscles compared to the back muscles. This imbalance can lead to abnormal curvature of the lower back, called hyperlordosis. Aerobic exercises such as running and ball sports require a strong and healthy musculature to safely perform these sports. The David Back Rehabilitation Concept is designed to address these issues.



Degenerative joint disorders are the main cause of back pain and this causes a loss of quality of life in middle age and in the elderly.

The David Back Rehabilitation Concept has become a household name in the past 30 years. It is one of the most prominent concepts in the field of medical exchange rehabilitation. The David machines are the mainstay of this rehabilitation treatment. This concept, which is recognized by most major insurers, uses special training machines with technological applications for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The back concept is based on therapeutic treatments and training supplemented with the David Back Rehabilitation Concept. Together they form a complete rehabilitation solution that is suitable for a wide range of back patients.