Rehabilitation treatment for chronic pain

Pain rehabilitation is available for people with chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones, tendons and joints). The rehabilitation doctor at MedifitReha specializes in treatments for chronic pain. After an investigation he gives a detailed explanation about chronic pain and what rehabilitation can offer.

Does your pain cause problems in your daily life? Do you want to become more active again despite your pain? During the rehabilitation you work on restoring the balance between load and load capacity.

Treatment program

Pain rehabilitation is always tailor-made. You determine together with the rehabilitation doctor, psychologist and the therapeutics team which goals you want to achieve. The treatment team then draws up a treatment plan that suits your wishes and possibilities. The program consists of carefully coordinated treatments.

Treatment form

Based on the severity of the problem, your possibilities and our observations, we determine how we will treat them. Sometimes it is necessary for someone to be clinically hospitalized for rehabilitation; this when there are serious limitations due to the pain.

However, it is also often possible to treat the patient as an outpatient.

Treatment team

During the treatment you have a permanent treatment team, which consists of: the rehabilitation doctor, the neurologist, the psychologist, the occupational therapist and physiotherapists.

  • You learn to perform your daily activities well and effectively, despite the pain.
  • You get information about the different aspects of pain, so that you can better understand your own feelings of pain.
  • You learn to accept what you can and can not do and how to deal with it. You learn to relax and plan your activities smarter.
  • Reducing disturbances in physical functions, for example by improving muscle strength, exercise possibilities and endurance.

In order to positively influence the pain, it is necessary to focus the treatment on all factors that play a role in the pain problem. Treating these factors in the area of body, emotion, thoughts and behavior at the same time can reduce pain sensitivity. An important rule during treatment is that you focus on carrying out important and energizing activities again.

An extra advantage of participating in our rehabilitation program for chronic pain with us is that we are based in Spain. The wonderful climate, the beautiful surroundings and the relaxed atmosphere help enormously on the psychological level. The fact that you are away from your normal living environment also helps you to concentrate completely on yourself and you can leave a lot of worries behind. You can not see body and mind separately and that is why the aforementioned factors have a direct positive effect on chronic pain.

When is rehabilitation in chronic pain useful?

Rehabilitation is recommended if you experience limitations and want to learn how to deal with them. You have an open attitude and a willingness to change something. You will also feel responsible for following the program and you will work at home and at MedifitReha on jointly set goals. In the beginning, the therapists are more competent than you and you receive more guidance. Later you become the expert about yourself and you become more independent. So you can continue without us at the end of the treatment!

What can you expect from pain rehabilitation?

You will learn how the pain system works and which factors influence this. You learn to become less angry with the pain and to be less afraid of it. Your life is more like how it was before you experienced pain.

The pain can still be reduced by pain rehabilitation. There are several explanations for this:

  1. The nervous system comes to rest and the sensitivity decreases.
  2. The trigger points are gone and / or the connective tissue is in better condition.
  3. The changes in thoughts, emotions and behavior have a positive influence.

At the end of the rehabilitation, many people say that the pain peaks are less high, less frequent and the pain will last less.

What are the costs?

For Dutch clients: All costs of a rehabilitation program are normally reimbursed by the Dutch insurers from the basic package. We work together with all Dutch health insurers and count everything directly with them. We also arrange all the paperwork to take this burden off your hands. If you want to know whether you are eligible for a rehabilitation program, please contact us.