Complex Chronic lung failure


Asthma, COPD and other chronic lung diseases have major physical, social and mental consequences.

Chronic lung diseases are often accompanied by poor(er) physical condition due to decreased respiratory functions and reduced muscle strength. There may be an increasing risk of osteoporosis (indigestion fractures) due to inactivity and prolonged use of corticoids.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, cystic fibrosis or chronic inflammation of the upper airways result in:

• shortness of breath
• decrease in lung function
• increased mucus formation
• reduced muscle strength
• decreased physical possibilities

What is lung rehabilitation?

Pulmonary rehabilitation aims to reduce complaints as much as possible and how to learn to organize your own live in such a way as to limit disorders as little as possible. The ultimate goal is to restore as good as possible, to learn to push and protect boundaries, so that the patient can fully participate in social life again.

What does the program look like?

The program consists of different, well-coordinated parts. First of all, we are working on improving the physical condition: lung complaints, endurance, muscle strength, breathing pattern and nutritional status. In addition, program components are aimed at reducing the limitations that people experience in daily life. One learns to make the right adjustments to achieve the best possible quality of life and independence. The treatment process is, in consultation with the rehabilitation doctor, tailored to the personal situation of each patient.

The following aspects are covered within the respiratory rehabilitation program:

• food
• joint mobility
• muscle strength training
• quit smoking
• targeted breathing techniques
• general physical condition improvement
• relaxation therapy and psychology

The Lung Revalidation Program of MedifitReha is multidisciplinary in design and the team members regularly consult with each other on how the program runs individually for the different participants.

The pulmonary rehabilitation program is intended for people who are limited by their lung disease in their daily activities. By offering a pulmonary rehabilitation program, we want to try to give patients insight and to learn skills so that they can cope better with their illness; that counts for everyone in his own way. Most patients benefit greatly from treatment with pulmonary rehabilitation. They become stronger physically and mentally. The feeling of breathlessness and fatigue decrease, among other things; they are taught to deal with asthma or COPD.