Analysis and improvement of the functionality of the spine is achieved by working with the best and most modern medical training and analysis equipment.

Worldwide there are more than 400 large clinics, health centers and companies that treat their patients, clients and employees with this scientific, diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment.



The great strength of this concept is the quality and the scientific possibilities. The main line consists of five machines for analysis and training. These units individually measure the mobility and the strength of a specific movement. The patented Lock Hip System guarantees reliable measurements in the movement area. This information is stored in a computer program. If all results are known, then it is calculated whether the spine has defects in strength and / or mobility. An individual program is drawn up on the basis of this data.

We as a professional institution have supplemented the DAVID concept with other medical equipment. This equipment is excellent in the area of the spine. It consists of measuring equipment from Hogans Health (USA), measurement and training equipment from Enraf Nonius (NL) and functional training devices from other leading brands in the medical field. We also have special equipment for cardiovascular training and we use machines that relieve symptoms of active, passive and / or functional nature.

The measurements are an essential element for effective rehabilitation, in fact they are indispensable for proper rehabilitation. Good to know is that there is no connection between the strength of the muscles of the lumbar and thoracic spine and the general level of physical strength. Surprising results are often obtained. Each unit of the David Back Concept can be used for analysis and rehabilitation. The DAVID devices can all be connected to a computer program for digital testing.

The highly developed technology guarantees the highest accuracy in terms of measurements. The reference values for all possible back movements are the most important elements of the DAVID Back Concept. With a specially developed computer program, all data is collected, analyzed and a training proposal is given. The motivation of the patient is increased by the constant monitoring of progress.



The DAVID back concept:

  • Analysis of the biomechanical function with the help of special software
  • The basis is a standardized therapy concept consisting of exercises with controlling medical equipment and / or functional therapy applied to your clinical complaints
  • Relaxation and stretching exercises
  • Functional training
  • Intensive back training (ergometric)
  • Questions and motivation (psychological intervention)
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Therapy Monitoring

Benefits for patients:

  • Fixing strengths and weaknesses through computer-based analysis
  • Effective evaluation and registration
  • Improve muscles and joints of the spine
  • Breaking of disease pattern
  • Making it easier to carry out the daily activities
  • Better quality of life
  • Long-term effectiveness of the therapy
  • Cost efficient
  • High level of motivation and patient satisfaction