Electrolysis Percutaneo Intratisular (EPI®)

Electrolysis Percutaneo Intratisular (EPI®) is a developed technique within physiotherapy with the aim of re-stabilizing and improving the biological mechanisms to heal various disorders of the soft tissue.

The EPI® technique has become an essential and effective therapy within sports physiotherapy, neuromuscular physiotherapy and orthopedic physiotherapy.

EPI® is the insertion of an acupuncture needle under ultrasound to guide a controlled, direct, specific electrical current. This only gives an electrochemical reaction in the degenerated area where the tissue is to be treated. The main goal is to produce a non-thermal molecular desionization that achieves cellular and physiological regeneration of the soft tissue. It has great results in treating tendonitis, muscle injuries, ligament problems and scar tissue.