On June 7, 2017, my life changed completely. I was struck by a stroke of the brain in my brain stem.

After 12 days of hospital I went to rehabilitation in a rehabilitation centre in The Netherlands. Here I was dismissed after 3.5 weeks with the announcement to look for physiotherapy on a psychosomatic (sic) basis. Furthermore, no aftercare, no information about over-excitation. I could hardly walk. Had to find it out for myself! At home the confrontation was tough, and I couldn’t cope with the consequences of my injury. I went to a exercise place and was allowed to use the home trainer from time to time. I also looked for ergo therapy and speech therapy myself because my voice got worse and worse. From a hard-working independent woman of only 53 years old, I became a pitiful pile of misery. It’s also hard for my family and friends to see.
I could not even let the dog out or do groceries independently. I had no strength at all, and problems with balance and dizziness.

On the internet I found Medifit in Moraira and thought, I must get out of my situation for a while. Here I don’t get any better and there are too many stimuli from outside. That said…

I have had 6 weeks of intensive rehabilitation 5 days a week. From fitness, relaxation exercises to conversations with psychologist. Also, a weekly meeting with the rehabilitation doctor. I felt very at ease by these dear caring therapists. I also stayed in a beautiful apartment where I found rest. These 6 weeks have made me a lot stronger and more confident. I can now take a walk with the dog and even go into the supermarket. I’m not there yet, I’m continuing with medical fitness in the Netherlands and I must control my over-stimulation by taking rest. If I had known earlier about the existence of this clinic ……….

I’m very grateful to the MEDIFIT team for the good care, and a push in the right direction.

Dear greetings

Mildred May