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Your first point of contact is your doctor. Discuss your complaint with him / her. If your doctor thinks that you need specialist care, he / she will write a referral letter to the specialist for you. This can for example be a rehabilitation doctor. If your rehabilitation doctor then provides a medical indication for following a rehabilitation treatment, we can make a proposal.

This depends on various factors such as the duration and intensity of the treatment. Each patient receives a tailor-made rehabilitation program. This is normally fully reimbursed by all Dutch health insurers from the basic package.

We always take into account the wishes of the patient as much as possible, but we have to look closely at the availability of the therapists, the treatment rooms and of course a well-balanced program for the patient.

– The flight (travel costs in general, flying or with your own car or similar) is for your own account.
– Medicine costs
– Your personal expenses

No, these are for your own account. Check with your health insurance provider if you can reclaim some of these costs.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of various therapists and offer the following disciplines:
Acupuncture, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage, relaxation therapy, neuropsychotherapy, osteopathy, manual therapy, chiropractic, hydrotherapy, exercise therapy, podology, electrostimulation or a treatment with botox to generate muscle relaxation, rehabilitation physician.

A rehabilitation doctor is a doctor who specializes in guiding a patient who has one or more limitations in his / her daily functioning as a result of a disorder or accident. This specialist is closely involved in the entire rehabilitation process.

This means that you regularly visit your rehabilitation center to undergo your treatments. When you have completed your program, you will return home. You therefore do not stay internally in the rehabilitation center.

This means that you stay in the rehabilitation center internally and undergo the rehabilitation treatments there.

We focus on elderly patients who have to recover after, for example, a fall in which a hip or knee is broken. They usually stay in the nursing home that is affiliated with us near our rehabilitation center. Thanks to the efforts of our multidisciplinary team, we ensure that the patient can function independently and can recover from, for example, this fall.

We focus on elderly patients who have to recover after, for example, a fall in which a hip or knee is broken. They usually stay in the nursing home that is affiliated with us near our rehabilitation center. Through the help of our multidisciplinary team, we ensure that the patient can function independently and recover from, for example, this fall.

Hereby we focus on rehabilitation in patients after a stroke (CVA), having a muscle disease (MS, Multiple Sclerosis), Parkinson etc.

This type of rehabilitation focuses on disorders, injuries or limitations that have their cause in the body. Think, for example, of cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, chronic pain rehabilitation, hip and knee rehabilitation.

We offer specialist medical rehabilitation, both non-neurological and neurological rehabilitation. We also offer geriatric rehabilitation.

Absolutely not, most patients come alone. Every airline and airport is prepared for wheelchair users, especially Alicante airport specializes in counseling patients with mobility problems. When booking the tickets it is wise to indicate a mobility problem, so that this can be taken into account. Upon arrival, someone from our staff at the airport is waiting for you. Then you will be taken to your residence and helped with everything you need.

When you are finished with the rehabilitation, you will be taken back to the airport of Alicante. Here you will be helped with your luggage and check-in. Most flights have the possibility to accompany you to the arrival hall in your country of residence. So you have to take care of that yourself.

We offer 2 possibilities and these are as follows:

  • 1. You can stay with or without a partner in one of our fully furnished luxury apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms. These are apartments where you can stay independently. There is no 24-hour nursing here, but a 24-hour call from our Dutch GP and we offer nursing at agreed times. All apartments have WIFI and Dutch Satellite Television.

  • 2. If a patient comes without a partner or supervisor and can not live independently in an apartment, then we offer the possibility to stay in a room within the rehabilitation complex with 24 hours of medical care and nursing. However, here too a partner or guide is welcome to stay, we will put an extra bed in the room. Sometimes the patients stay here for the first few weeks and if the patient functions more independently as a result of the rehabilitation, he can then ‘switch’ to an apartment.

This depends on the complaints. After a hip or knee operation usually 3 weeks. After a stroke usually 8 weeks, sometimes even 6 months. For other complaints usually 6 to 8 weeks.

FOR OUR DUTCH CLIENTS: If you have an indication for the rehabilitation of a rehabilitation doctor, then you have just as much right to rehabilitation as in a rehabilitation center in the Netherlands. You are entitled to rehabilitation from the basic package of all Dutch insurances if a rehabilitation doctor has indicated this; you therefore do not need to be insured additionally! If the rehabilitation physician writes a clinical referral for you, then you are entitled to rehabilitation including the stay. If the rehabilitation doctor thinks that accommodation is not necessary, because you can function perfectly independently, then you will only be reimbursed for the stay.

This means that the entire rehabilitation and the stay (including transport from and to the airport and possibly a free rental car) will be reimbursed. For a possible supervisor there is a small contribution for the use of ‘full board’. We have a direct contract with VGZ, Univé, UMC, IZA cura, IZA, IZZ, BEWUZT, ZEKUR and ZORGZAAM, DSW, ONVZ and therefore only need the referral from a rehabilitation doctor to start rehabilitation. We also work together with all other Dutch health insurers. However, with these health insurers we must first apply and then wait for permission. This permission takes about 10 working days, if the referral from the rehabilitation doctor is good, then we always get permission. This is because we work at the same rates that are common in the Netherlands. However, we provide much more service, personal therapy and guidance and even the double number of treatment hours than is common in Dutch rehabilitation centers. We can offer this because our accommodation and labor costs are lower than in the Netherlands.

We have no waiting times.

The flight is for your own account. Furthermore, everything is in the package.

Absolutely, there is a small contribution if the partner or supervisor wants to make use of the full board. We also provide a free rental car so that you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings together with your partner or companion.

You are eligible for a joint replacement operation if your orthopaedist in the Netherlands (or elsewhere) has diagnosed it. Your orthopedic surgeon usually has x-rays taken from the painful joint and has analyzed it. On the basis of this information, the specialist will inform you about the various possibilities. If a knee or hip prosthesis is proposed, this means that this procedure is the best solution for your problem. You can have the surgery performed in Benidorm. The subsequent rehabilitation takes place at MedifitReha rehabilitation center in Moraira, Costa Blanca.

For more information, please contact us or your insurer in the Netherlands (or elsewhere).

The actual postoperative pain decreases strongly after a few days, but most patients immediately experience the disappearance of the pain caused by osteoarthritis. The intensive rehabilitation starts three days after the operation. During the next three weeks the pain will gradually decrease further, during that period you will take painkillers, depending on your individual pain threshold. You will be able to carry out the most important daily activities after 3 weeks of intensive rehabilitation.

After about six weeks you must be able to walk smoothly (without crutches), at that moment you have normally regained enough muscle control to be able to respond quickly and appropriately in all situations, then you can drive your car again. If you are operated on the left knee or hip and if you have a car with automatic gearbox you may drive a little earlier in your car.

If your knee or hip really is completely worn out, then there are no other options. If the wear in your knee or hip is not yet severe, in many cases the pain can be treated with paracetamol or anti-inflammatory drugs. Sometimes it can help to clean the joint through a keyhole surgery. Protection in the form of a brace (a metal or plastic sheath that can be tied around the knee) prevents abnormal movements and ensures that the knee is spared.

In case of moderate knee wear we can choose for an injection in the knee joint with hyaluronic acid. This fluid acts as a kind of lubricant in the knee and can therefore give pain relief for several weeks to a few months. However, its effect has not been conclusively proven.

In case of a small, local damage in the cartilage, for example after an accident, the cartilage can sometimes be repaired with cultured cartilage cells. With wear in the entire joint, this is not (yet) an option.

After our treatment you can walk again without crutches and do a lot of daily activities. To promote further recovery it is important that you continue to practice in your country with the physiotherapist. It is therefore useful to find a physiotherapist in your area before the operation and to make arrangements for the period after Spain. We can therefore easily contact him / her to discuss everything.

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