Geriatric Rehabilitation

Geriatric rehabilitation is aimed at the elderly, who, after an operation or long-term hospitalization, for example, have to function as soon as possible in their own environment and allow their independence to be regained.

What is geriatric rehabilitation care?

Intensive Rehabilitation for the elderly

Did you have an operation and is it not possible to go home after hospitalization? Then you can be admitted to our rehabilitation center with 24 hours a day of nursing and medical care. We take care of the rehabilitation for the elderly after an operative procedure according to the latest insights and fully personal.

The programs are according to the guidelines of Dutch geriatric rehabilitation medicine. We ensure that your rehabilitation is realized in the best possible way and in a pleasant atmosphere with the necessary care and therapy. After the rehabilitation period, more than 90% is usually able to function independently.

Key points of our geriatric rehabilitation program:

  • Rehabilitation programs for the elderly after a hospital stay.
  • Each treatment program is individually composed.
  • Your questions and goals are taken into account as much as possible.
  • Partners and any other family members are involved in the rehabilitation program.