Lymph drainage

The human body consists for two thirds of fluid which is located in and around all body cells, the bloodstream, lymph tracts and the brain tracts. Many processes run via this body fluid. These include the transport of nerve impulses, hormones or harmful substances like bacteria and the exchange of substances (for example building and degradation substances) or of gases (for example oxygen and carbon dioxide). These processes via the body fluid are called the water management.

The body is in balance when the water management is in an optimal condition.

The lymphatic system consisting of lymph vessels and lymph nodes plays an important role in creating and maintaining the ideal environment for our body cells. It is the lymph system that performs a nourishing, purifying and draining role.

Lymph drainage is thus a normal and natural function in our body. However this function can be partially blocked as a result of an accident, illness or stress. In this case the drainage of the lymph can be manually optimized.