Manual Therapy

The goal of orthopedic manual therapy is to improve the functioning of your joints and better your posture and movements. For this the manual therapist uses a number of specific techniques that can be applied to the joints. The therapy is based on research results and the techniques come from physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy.

The effects of orthopedic manual therapy are often immediately noticeable: you feel an improvement in the freedom of movement and a decrease in pain. The treatment program of the orthopedic manual therapist furthermore consists of giving good instructions, advice, guidance and insight into healthy exercise.

An orthopedic manual therapist is a physiotherapist who has done specialized training for orthopedic manual therapy after his physiotherapy training. So he gained extra knowledge of the movement possibilities of the body and in particular of the spine.

Thanks to this specialized training, the manual therapist is perfectly capable of diagnosing the cause of your complaints. Therefore he can propose a tailor-made solution for every client.

The aim of the treatment is primarily to improve movement disorders such as pain and / or stiffness in a movement, resulting in the reduction of complaints and limitations in the activities of daily life.


A manual therapist is trained to provide tailor-made solutions for individual patients on the basis of a careful problem exploration during all phases of the recovery process. A skilled manual therapist can be expected to adjust the techniques to the patient’s unique situation.