Medical Fitness

Tailor-made training programs at Medifit

We have an extensive range of exercise programs. These vary from senior fitness and fitness for people with health problems to specific training programs for both sportsmen, sportswomen and professionals.

a) Physio Fitness

Already in 2003, our physiotherapy practice was expanded with Fysio Fitness. Our goal was and is to enable people to be involved in health promotion in an active, relaxed and responsible manner. All people who want to exercise under the supervision of a physiotherapist are very welcome. We provide an individual tailor-made program and will help you to become fitter in a sportive and responsible manner.

b) Senior Fitness

Medifit has had a sophisticated senior program for active seniors for years. You can create a program that suits your personal wishes in consultation with your physiotherapist. You will train an individual program in a group. Seniors with physical complaints can also work fine on improving their fitness.
c) Cardio / Fitness

This is a form of fitness where the training program is adjusted to the measured heart rate. The goal is to maintain a constant heartbeat through different training sessions. This means you always train at the optimum level of effort. This gives the best results for condition improvement, improvement of cardiac function and / or weight loss.

d) Fitvibe

This is a controlled Total Body Vibration Therapy that is used worldwide in the medical sector for the prevention and treatment of various diseases and injuries. With the Medical Fitvibe you train almost 100% of your muscle fibers in the body, compared with only 40% during normal training.

The Medical Fit Vibe Vibration Training makes it possible for people with a weak condition, such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson and CVA, to benefit from training within their own capabilities.

The effectiveness and positive effects of vibration training have been demonstrated in a large number of scientific studies, but even more important is the fact that hundreds of thousands of users around the world are achieving amazing results, ranging from a clear reduction of pain symptoms in rheumatic patients to weight loss and a tighter body. No matter how many universities publish positive results, the personal experiences of people who have already tried everything to get back in shape, to relieve pain in their backs or simply improve their quality of life, will always make more of an impact and inspire others. And that works thanks to short, pleasant training sessions on vibration devices.