The neck exercises should be part of a program to reduce the pain in the cervical spine. According to the article in The Journal of Pain, No. 11, 2007: 832-839, these exercises have shown an immediate reduction in pain. It has been shown that the imbalance of muscle function causes neck pain. Stature correction by cervical muscle exercises is very effective in relieving neck pain in the long term. Strong muscles are believed to relieve neck pain by relieving other structures in both acute and chronic pain.

These neck exercises solve the consequences of a bad cervical posture, such as headaches in connection with neck and arthritis pain. Active exercise also improves the coordination and physical condition of the neck muscles. The neck exercises that move the deep muscles directly, help prevent injuries and reduce pain. We talk about specific therapeutic exercises such as in the ‘David Back Concept’. We offer this research-based concept in the MedifitReha rehabilitation center.


The approach requires professional guidance:

  • Being aware of the problem
  • Practicing the correct postures and movements
  • Automating the new postural habits

Recovery from cervical injuries or prevention of headache and neck pain require more than a symptomatic approach. It is necessary to improve the posture and physical condition of the neck, upper back and lower regions. There are many different exercises that can be performed. The exercises are also useful in cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve). Often correct exercises can only be determined through careful diagnosis and guidance by a professional who specializes in rehabilitation health care.