Online Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Consultations

“We aim to reduce any aches, pains and all kind of health problems through assessing, diagnosing and treating you with advice, education and exercises suited to your needs via videoconference technology”. As well we can provide you with an exercise program to improve your fitness level.

If you are housebound, in a remote location, or if you simply want to save time, an online therapy session or consultation could help you. In this service you will receive a comprehensive diagnosis and prognosis of your injury or health problem. As well we will provide you with advice on management of your condition and a home exercise program. Your treatment will include access to a free APP which stores the exercises prescribed by the therapist and we will send these exercise videos and pictures to your e-mail.

Our latest innovation for exercise therapy is the PhysioTools Remote Trainer software, this is a new service that allows us simultaneously, monitor and supervise our client’s rehabilitation process, using PhysioTools exercise videos and pictures. With the help of videoconference and exercise software we can replace a face-to-face meeting with a highly structured, online interactive video meeting.

About: Online Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Consultations


Yes, even without a traditional hands-on approach, we can get an accurate diagnosis and provide treatment that will get you back on track. An experienced therapist or our Rehabilitation Specialist Doctor will be able to diagnose your condition by asking a series of in-depth questions and getting you to perform particular movements and tests. If we come across an injury that we feel needs to be further managed, we will not hesitate in letting you know and referring you to the appropriate health professional.


Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, your therapist will provide you with the necessary knowledge to self-treat your condition (called self-management). This may include education, strength and mobility exercises and ways to treat your own problem. Your therapist will also provide an exercise program tailored specifically to your needs. These exercises typically focus on improving any deficits in strength, mobility, posture and body mechanics. As your condition improves, these exercises will change and progress with you. Once you feel your rehabilitation is complete, we can prescribe more exercises to help maintain your status, and prevent reoccurrence and improve your fitness level.

How do I book an online Physiotherapy consultation?

If you need an appoint you can call us, contact us online or send us an email with the time/date you would like the appointment and with which therapist or specialist doctor. Once you arrange an appointment and you have paid for your online consultation(s), We will send you a link with an invitation. You only have to click on the link and the connection will be established automatically. We use a safe connection software for medical purpose, called WeSeeDo with all the requirements for privacy.

We have a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team of many different therapist and 2 Rehabilitation Specialist Doctors. We offer a multilingual service in Spanish, English, Dutch, German and French.

Beside an appointment with a Physiotherapist you can reserve an appointment with one of the professionals below:

  • Rehabilitation Specialist Doctor (for an intake, diagnose or prescription)
  • Osteopath
  • Orthopaedic Manual Therapist (OMT)
  • Chiropractor
  • Psychologist
  • Psychotherapist

Treatment and Training programmes:

  • Medical Training Therapy
  • Relaxation Therapy and Yoga
  • Breathing therapy

What kind of treatments & exercises can be done during an online consultation?

  • Back pain, lower back pain (acute or chronic) consultation & treatment
  • Neck pain, headaches consultation & treatment
  • Any Pre- and Post-operative problems
  • Shoulder pain, shoulder injury consultation & treatment
  • Ankle pain, ankle injury (sprain) consultation & treatment
  • Knee pain, knee injury consultation & treatment
  • Hip pain, pelvic pain consultation & treatment
  • Respiratory: diaphragm and breathing exercises
  • Postural issues consultation & treatment
  • Sports injuries consultation & treatment
  • General Exercises therapy
  • Psychological support

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to prepare before my online consultation?

In order to get the most from your online consultation please come prepared with the following:

  • Your microphone and speakers should be switched on
  • Loose or appropriate clothing to assist examination
  • Enough space around/behind you to perform tests/exercises
  • Any medical scans – MRI, X-Ray etc.

Do I need any specific operating system or browser to undertake my consultation?

The software for online consultation works the best if you have Google chrome or Apple safari installed. Please install Google Chrome or safari before the consultation.

What payment methods are available?

Payments can be done by credit card, Paypal, Ideal also a bank transfer is possible. Please understand that we cannot commence work on your consultation until these payments are cleared.

Do I need a referral to use your service?

No, you do not need a referral to have a consultation with us.

Does the insurance pays for the consultation?

Most insurance which are paying for a hands-on session will pay as well for an online consultation, but to be 100% sure the best is to contact your health insurance.