Parkinson rehabilitation programme

The Parkinson’s treatment programme at the Medifit Reha rehabilitation centre focuses on adults with Parkinson’s disease. This rehabilitation programme is also suitable for adults with atypical parkinsonism.

Our multidisciplinary team will look at the current possibilities daily life activities (DLA). The rehabilitation programme can consist of a combination of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, exercise therapy, acupuncture and neuropsychology. Which therapies are exactly needed depends, of course, on your individual problems. That is why we always start with an extensive intake to identify problems and possibilities. We then put together a personal rehabilitation programme adapted to the challenges and problems, possibilities and wishes of the Parkinson’s patient.

What is the aim of our Parkinson’s rehabilitation programme?

Our goal is for you to improve dealing with your daily living activities on a physical, mental and social level. Our main focus is on increasing self-sufficiency and self-confidence, on learning to deal better with the condition and its challenges and on acceptance of the current situation.

An important part of the rehabilitation programme is improving coordination and balance to prevent falls. We also try to slow down the progression of Parkinson’s disease and its symptoms and, if possible, to stop it.


The treatment program consists of individual sessions, exercise therapy, balance exercises and hydrotherapy in our heated indoor pool. All treatments in the rehabilitation room and the swimming pool are always under the supervision of a physiotherapist in order to ensure the proper execution of the exercises and the safety of the patient.

At the Medifit Reha rehabilitation centre we have a great expertise in the field of neurological problems such as Parkinson’s disease. The multidisciplinary team consists of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, orthopaedic technicians, neurologists, neuropsychologists and a rehabilitation physician. The team have regular meetings to assess your progress and to adapt your treatment programme in order to improve the quality of life of their Parkinson patients.