The human body is an amazingly clever and well-organized whole of muscles, nerves, bones and joints that we have to rely on on a daily basis. Walking, standing, jumping, bending, these are often entirely self-evident movements. These movements are not that obvious, you only realize this when you are bothered by something; when your body does not cooperate for a while.

The person who knows everything about this is the physiotherapist; the movement specialist. He or she can treat your complaints, but also work preventive to avoid (worse) problems. A physiotherapist advises, guides and treats patients with disorders in posture and / or movement. He does this for example by exercise therapy, manipulation, stretching, massage, electrotherapy, laser and / or ultrasound treatment. During rehabilitation, the physical therapist also has a coaching role to motivate and guide the patient in learning how to move best in daily life.

In our rehabilitation center there are 15 physiotherapists, each with their own specializations such as: manual therapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, specialized physiotherapists for neurological and orthopedic treatments, physiotherapists specialized in ultrasound, neuromodulation, neurodynamics, T-care therapy, lymphatic drainage and Dry Needling.