Quality, research & innovation

Rehabilitation center MedifitReha is continuously working on improvements.


The theme of quality is our top priority. You must always be able to count on good care because quality in care is closely related to quality of life.

We strive for continuous improvement of care, so that your questions and wishes can be met as well as possible.

Rehabilitation center MedifitReha looks critically at the quality of care. For example by:

  • structural satisfaction survey with rehabilitants
  • analyzing the performance indicators


Rehabilitation center MedifitReha applies research in the full width of the organization. A number of lines of research within the organization are intended for the self-execution and setting up of scientific research. In this way we contribute to the optimization of knowledge for research, education and practice. Research stems from the demand from the practice to improve treatment, care and guidance.


Rehabilitation center MedifitReha believes it is very important to be able to respond adequately to new needs, possibilities, policy, (inter)national and regional developments. That is why we stay informed about innovations in the rehabilitation processes and organizational methods. We realise this by means of internal studies and attending (inter)national courses and conferences.