Neurological Rehabilitation


Neurological Rehabilitation, is aimed at being able to function as independently as possible in your own environment. We will use your abilities and possibilities in your circumstances.

We get the most out of any situation. Sometimes it’s less than you hope, but often it’s more than you expect.

Medifit rehabilitation centre can help you to rehabilitate after a central or peripheral neurological disorder such as CVA (cerebral vascular accident, stroke), Acquired brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), or MS (multiple sclerosis).

Rehabilitation after Acquired Brain injury, or stroke

CVA is the medical term for a stroke. Literally, the ‘cerebral vascular accident’ means an accident in the blood vessels of the brain. Acquired brain injury is defined as damage to the brain caused by Traumatic Brain Injury or Non-Traumatic Brain Injury later in life. A cerebral infarction causes damage to brain tissue by closing a blood vessel (85%) or by a bleed (15%).

After a stroke you lose some of your independence. You will need to relearn skills such as finding your balance, coordination, muscle strength, standing and walking. You should also train your Daily Life Activities, memory and concentration.

Intensive rehabilitation after a stroke or Acquired Brain Injury

Are you still unable to go home after you have been hospitalised? Is it recommended that you receive intensive therapy? Then we can help you at our Medifit Reha rehabilitation centre. We take care of your personal rehabilitation according to the latest insights.

Our treatment programmes are tailored to your needs. We follow the strictest international standards and guidelines of rehabilitation medicine. However, we offer you more rehabilitation hours and individual (1:1) therapy than would be the case in your home country.

We ensure that your rehabilitation is carried out in the best possible way, with the necessary care and therapy and moreover, in a pleasant atmosphere. After the rehabilitation period, 80% of our patients is able to live independently again.

  • Intensive and advanced rehabilitation programmes for stroke patients.
  • Each treatment is personal and has an individualised programme.
  • Your questions and goals will be taken into account as much as possible.
  • We involve partners and possibly other people close to you.
  • This treatment will help you to resume your life as soon as possible.
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Parkinson’s disease, MS, ALS and myopathy Rehabilitation

In conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, MS (multiple sclerosis), ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and myopathy, motor functions slowly deteriorate. The medical treatment tries to slow down the evolution of the disease as much as possible. The rehabilitation is aimed at maintaining the highest possible quality of life by activating the existing physical possibilities, preventing falls, joint deformation and muscle shortening. We try to manage pain control and help adapting the living environment to the movement limitations by offering adequate tools to function independently for as long as possible. The treatment programme of the therapist team is set up in close consultation with our neurologist, neuropsychologist, neurosurgeon, cardiologist, orthopaedic technician and rehabilitation doctor.

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Rehabilitation of peripheral nervous system disorders

The damage to the peripheral nerves manifests itself in, among other things, sensitivity disorders, loss of strength, paralysis and walking disorders. Of course, this will limit your independence. After diagnosis and referral by your physician, the rehabilitation doctor will propose an appropriate multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme with, for example, physiotherapy, Electro acupuncture/neuro-modulation therapy, exercise therapy and occupational therapy. The orthopaedic technician will provide you with any aids you may need.


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