Rehabilitation after slipped disc surgery

What does the programme for MedifitReha Back/Neck rehabilitation look like?

Intake for rehabilitation after slipped disc surgery

Every treatment plan always starts with an extensive intake procedure. We pay attention to your questions and expectations for assistance. We also give you a physical check-up and we measure your muscle strength, stability, flexibility and coordination.

We use the measure concept of DAVID, a most unique and validated computer directed measuring method. And thus, we can establish objectively your starting level for the rehabilitation after a slipped disc surgery. The test results are the basis for your program. This program is made to your measure and we provide you with a protocol for the treatment by our professionals.

The treatment

We follow a -developed by ourselves-treatment protocol for activities and behaviours, all within international guidelines. We offer you a program with -from Monday morning till Friday afternoon- treatment sessions. You will enjoy both individual and group treatment sessions in the gym; individual therapy in the smaller treatment room and if necessary, hydro therapy (water cure) in the pool.

Treatments consists mainly of: physiotherapy, orthopaedic manual therapy, ergo-therapy, massage, psycho-therapy, acupuncture, relaxation therapy, medication. This unique protocol is divided in two stages, as follows:

1. The treatment stage at the level of disturbance (0-3 Weeks)
2. The functional taxability treatment stage at the level of restriction (2-6 Weeks)

The treatment stages of the rehabilitation program after a slipped disc surgery are known as:

The FIRST stage:

Individual therapy

  • Providing information and advice in relation to your complaints
  • Treatments directed to ‘pain management’ (technics for mobilisation and manipulation)
  • Fighting the infection
  • Muscle function improvement
  • To raise the weight for the back vertebrae (principle of weight/burden)

Exercise therapy in the gym

  • To construct a training and exercise program directed to the rehabilitation of the feeling for movement (How do I learn to move safely?)
  • Improvement of the muscle strength and the power of endurance
  • Training for coordination and stability
  • To improve the patterns of movements
  • Functional exercises (exercising transfers and so on)
  • Learning to manage and handle limitations (acceptance)

The SECOND stage:

  • start with the active exercise program for stability and mobility
  • start with the functional training directed to the normalisation of daily actions
  • making the moving behaviours better, so that the handling of your complaints improves
  • to improve your mobility, power, coordination and balance
  • to improve your aerobic power of endurance
  • Hydrotherapy in the pool
  • again, a lot of attention for the informing and advising in relation to your (remaining) complaints
  • again, much attention for the testing of the physical performance ability
  • advising and informing in relation to self-management (‘How do I become my own therapist?)

The evaluation stage and out take of the rehabilitation after slipped disc surgery program

Every other week there is an extensive evaluation. During these sessions we re-establish the level of progress. If necessary, our treatment team will adapt the existing program. For this purpose, they might be in contact with your orthopaedic surgeon or your GP.

During the outtake we will especially be interested whether your questions and expectations were met. We will also perform an end of treatment measurement to establish your final level and to be able to compare this with the results of the first measurements at the beginning of your rehabilitation period.

Finally, we talk with you about a possible continuation project and we will inform in writing your GP, or specialist on the results.