Rehabilitation after trauma


Rehabilitation after a trauma is aimed at being able to function as independently as possible in one’s own environment. We do so by analysing your possibilities and your personal (residential) environment.

We try to get the most out of any situation. Sometimes it’s less than you hope, but often it is more than you expect.

When you have suffered several injuries as a result of a serious accident, we call this multi-trauma, it concerns (complex) injury to posture and movement apparatus (bones, joints, muscles, nerves). However, trauma can also cause serious injury, resulting in leg amputation or arm amputation or brain injury.

Rehabilitation: from surgery to recovery

After surgery by a trauma surgeon there is usually a period of intensive rehabilitation.

You often cannot move the affected limb temporarily, depending on the procedure.

After the first phase in which tissue repair is the biggest concern, the body part can be locally weakened and must be trained in a balanced way in order to optimize strength, mobility, stability and coordination.

TRAUMA is the medical term for an accident.

Have you had a trauma and are you still unable to go home after you have been hospitalised? If it is opportune to continue with intensive rehabilitation, you can come to our MedifitReha rehabilitation centre. We take care of the rehabilitation after your trauma according to the latest insights and techniques, adapted to your personal needs.

If you have had a trauma and need follow-up treatment, this can also be done as an outpatient. We make customised treatment programmes, all according to international standards of rehabilitation medicine. We ensure that your rehabilitation will be carried out in the best possible way and in an enjoyable atmosphere, with the necessary care and therapy. After the rehabilitation period at least 90% of the patients are able to live independently again.

Key points:

  • Intensive and advanced rehabilitation programmes for people with (Multi) trauma.
  • Each treatment programme is individual with a close follow-up by the rehabilitation physician and our team of therapists.
  • Your questions and goals will be taken into account as much as possible.