Rehabilitation Centre

The Medifit International Rehabilitation Centre in Teulada-Moraira, which is collaborating with the Benidorm Hospital (HCB), is renowned for its modern and successful rehabilitation programmes with excellent medical care. Rehabilitation medicine focuses on various physical and psychological afflictions.

The different rehabilitation departments are equipped with the most advanced equipment and have an experienced team of physicians, specialists and therapists. Furthermore, our team of nurses and administrative staff are talented professionals with great sensitivity to our patients’ difficult situations. We can offer you all the medical care within our rehabilitation centre: from rehabilitation medicine (inpatient and outpatient), nursing, diagnostic consultations, post-operative controls, wound care, to X-rays, ECG’s or ultrasounds. We offer you a fully specialised medical package aimed at helping you get through your difficult situation.

We ensure that we keep up to date with the latest developments in rehabilitation medicine in order to provide you with the best care and advice. More than 30 renowned doctors, specialists and therapists are working in the rehabilitation centre, all are at your service.

Our friendly and professional team of therapists use the latest and most advanced equipment, treatment techniques and protocols. The activities in the rehabilitation centre are led by Michael Martorell Schonenberg and Gerard Krol. Both have extensive experience in rehabilitation centres in the Netherlands, England (London), Italy and Spain. With all their expertise, together they set up the Medifit Reha rehabilitation centre in 1999.

In close collaboration with your specialist, Medifit Reha will put together a rehabilitation programme to advance your recovery in a professional, safe and fast manner. We specialise in an intensive, personal and compassionate approach.



Our key concepts are: we only do the things we are good at; we can only excel in care together with you; monitoring (or measuring) is knowing; innovative computer-controlled test and measurement equipment helps us to monitor your performance level; individually tailored, because your well-being is our concern; working with you on recovery for maximum results and comfort.

Rehabilitation treatment not only focuses on the disease or condition itself, but also tries to reduce any permanent effects as much as possible. The purpose of the treatment is to enable the rehabilitant to function as independently as possible in society and home life. In case of permanent consequences of the disease or condition, we help our patient to deal with the limitations as well as possible.

Rehabilitation is usually provided on an individual basis (1:1) with occasional group sessions. The condition has consequences, not only for the patient, but also for the people around them. We ensure that they too are closely involved in the rehabilitation process.

The therapy/rehabilitation protocol is according to the latest visions and complies with international guidelines of rehabilitation medicine. We even offer more than what rehabilitation centres in your home country can offer. We can offer more therapy hours with more personal guidance than an English rehabilitation centre. We also pay a lot of attention to the prevention of complaints and therefore give you a training programme on departure, so you can maintain and improve your condition at home.


Have you had any symptoms for a short or longer period of time? Do these complaints interfere with your daily functioning or with your work and/or sports situation? You will need customised and expertise help. The Medifit Reha rehabilitation programmes provide for all. The latest treatment techniques have been incorporated into our program.

The rehabilitation programme developed by us incorporates the most recent insights and developments into rehabilitation. We have years of experience in the field of rehabilitation. Our approach is based on extensive intake and research, using the latest measuring and monitoring and testing equipment. Information on the origin and cause of the complaint and active rehabilitation are central to this. After all, you have complaints and you want advice and help in effectively fighting them. In addition to our coaching and advisory role, we will mainly encourage you to be actively involved in successfully resolving your complaints.