Our rehabilitation program is a complete concept of evaluation and treatment of back problems. The concept uses carefully targeted and controlled movements to reverse a conditioning syndrome associated with back pain.

Individualized programs based on a questionnaire, tests and physical assessments have been designed for this purpose. Specially designed training machines for the back and neck provide a safe and effective way to improve mobility, strength and coordination.


In most cases of back pain it is not possible to obtain a specific diagnosis, such as a hernia. Regardless of the cause of the pain, it is a fact that there is a decrease in physical activity along with a decrease in strength, mobility and coordination.

This can lead to a vicious circle and to more pain and loss of function. If this situation is prolonged, this will also give psychological effects. If this point is reached, traditional treatment methods are useless and the possibility of permanent disability is considerably increased as time passes. We then speak about a chronic pain syndrome. This can only be solved with a multidisciplinary treatment program.




Several studies have shown that movement can serve as a medicine for painful joints. However, the spine is a very complex structure of joints, vertebrae, ligaments, nerves, muscles and intervertebral discs.

This normally makes it extremely difficult to start training. This can only be done in a controlled manner. Special machines are needed to isolate the specific area in order to have complete control over the movement. All movements must start with a limited range of motion and with a light weight, always within the pain tolerance and without radiation pain.


Indications and contraindications.

Most back complaints can be treated successfully with the specially developed training machines by our scientifically recognized ‘David Back Concept’. This also applies to non-specific back pain, chronic pain complaints, degenerative changes of the spine and post-operative complaints. Participation requires that no contraindication is present. Contraindications include: tumors, severe osteoporosis and recent fractures.