Your shoulder is bothering you and it isn’t getting any better. Come to our clinic for advice and treatment; we have the most developed department specialised in shoulder rehabilitation at MedifitReha! We discuss all options and possibilities in a multi-disciplinarily team of doctors and therapists.

There are many options because the shoulder joint knows multiple pathologies. In the worst-case scenario, you need surgery with a follow up rehabilitation program.

It is also possible that a rehabilitation program without surgery is the solution. This last option can be supported with medication or injections (for example plasma).

Dr. Cholbi (our rehabilitation doctor), together with Dr. Campagnar (orthopaedist, specialised in shoulders) and ortho-manual therapist Miguel Martorell Schoonenberg and Gerard Krol (physiotherapist) will be evaluating your present situation.

After the check-up we will present you with the best possible program. If you do need surgery we will inform you extensively about the procedure, the impact of the surgery, which risks, and possible complications could occur and the estimated recovery time.

We will also inform you about the post-operative rehabilitation details. After the presentation of your treatment plan and the discussion we can start – with your permission- with the regime.