Swimming pool


After a surgical procedure, an acquired neurological disorder or in case of a painful spine, therapy in the water can be the ideal way to rehabilitate. Hydrotherapy is a treatment in which the entire body is trained, without the muscles or joints being strained. This due to the upward force, but still, all muscles of the body are being trained.

Our rehabilitation centre has a 12-meter swimming pool to provide hydrotherapy rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy and rehabilitation are carried out under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

No strenuous exercise

In case of a painful spine, an acquired neurological disorder or after surgery, the joints usually need a lot of movement. The body must be prepared for daily life as well as possible. To achieve this, muscles need to become more powerful and coordination needs to be improved. Therapy in water and swimming is a safe way of rehabilitation, because the risk of inflammation of the joints and muscles is very small.


For patients with pain or movement disabilities, hydrotherapy is often the only way to move around freely. Under the expert supervision of a physiotherapist, it is possible to do exercises that are not possible or very painful out of the water. This has a positive effect on the stiffness of joints and on excessive muscle tension in case of muscle spasm.

In the water, the body weighs much less than normal. In this way, patients with reduced mobility, pain problems or an acquired neurological disorder can still move (almost) painlessly. The great advantage of therapy in a swimming pool is undeniable: due to the virtual loss of gravity, a patient can start active rehabilitation therapy much more quickly. This clearly accelerates the recovery process of the patients.

With a painful spine, reduced mobility or an acquired neurological disorder, active rehabilitation in the water can usually be started quickly. As soon as the doctor gives permission, hydrotherapy can start. In the water, your body won’t get the strain of land based exercise, therefor you can train free of pain and under the supervision of a physiotherapist.