Treatment centre

Medifit Reha is an international and specialised rehabilitation centre on the Costa Blanca, Spain. We provide specialised and tailor-made care in a beautiful living environment. Medifit Reha Rehabilitation Centre works together with many international insurance companies. Ask your insurance company about the possibilities.

Treatment centre
Medifit Reha Rehabilitation Centre is the specialist rehabilitation centre in Spain for adults which means we offer tailored treatment and professional guidance in a very pleasant environment and atmosphere.
Your request for help is the starting point for your treatment. Once we know your needs, our specialised team will start to work on your personalised programme to cover your personal needs. We will advise and treat you on a physical, mental and social level.

We will work with you to find out what your needs and possibilities are. You will receive support from a team specially composed for you. We provide advice and treatment in the physical, mental and social fields.
In addition to inpatient rehabilitation with Medifit Reha, Medifit Reha also offers outpatient care for adults.