What is ultrasound?

With ultrasound recordings can be made of the posture and musculoskeletal system, from tendons, muscles, ligaments, bursas, bones and joints. This enables us to visualize various disorders. Including irritations of tendons; such as abnormalities of the Achilles tendon, a possible tennis elbow and calcifications in tendons (for example around the shoulder). A heel spur or a bursitis can also be made visible by ultrasound.

Ultrasonic examination makes a good diagnosis with the correct treatment. If necessary, we can refer you to the medical specialist. If you come to us for treatment, we can follow the recovery process by occasionally doing ultrasound examinations during this period.

What does ultrasound offer?

Ultrasound offers a non-invasive method for getting diagnostic information from the musculoskeletal system at relatively low cost. The examination is quick, easy, comfortable for the patient and can be repeated as often as necessary.

The advantage of ultrasound is that dynamic images can be made, in contrast to X-rays and MRI, which produce static images only. Ultrasound also shows soft tissue such as tendons, capsules, ligaments and even arteries and nerves (these structures are not visible on an X-ray). During an ultrasound diagnostic examination, the patient can actively participate by indicating when and at which movement the symptoms increase or decrease. The researcher can then directly diagnose the relationship between the complaint and the images he sees.

Which diagnoses can be made?

  • Ignition
  • Ruptures
  • Moisture accumulations
  • Dislocations
  • Cysts
  • Lesions

What is the added value in practice?

The use of ultrasound at the Medifit rehabilitation center aims to provide a visual insight into the patient’s alleged pathology. This allows a diagnosis to be made faster and the most appropriate treatment policy is started. During the treatment series, ultrasound visual feedback can be given regarding the development of the disorder and the followed policy. If necessary, the policy can be adjusted for the best results.

At Medifit rehabilitation center, we also apply various invasive treatments using ultrasound. In therapeutic techniques such as EPI and Neuromodulation where tissue is stimulated with the help of an acupuncture needle, one can see exactly whether the right tissue is stimulated. Our rehabilitation doctor also makes extensive use of ultrasound for diagnostics, but also when he has to inject tissue with an anti-inflammatory agent, Plasma (PRP) or Botox injections (to reduce spasticity).
In our rehabilitation center we have two modern ultrasound devices.